Our Counsellors

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Who are TLCP?

We are a group of three psychodynamically trained counsellors and psychotherapists who share a vision; to be a guiding light to those who find themselves in difficult times.

We have a wealth of experience in counselling, as well as business and community roles. We are BACP registered, fully insured and all our work is overseen by an experienced supervisor. We take the confidentiality of our clients very seriously and comply with the BACP code of ethics.

Find out more about us, and how to get in touch below.


All of us will experience challenges in our lives and sometimes these challenges are difficult to carry. Maybe this is becoming increasingly difficult when we are all living in a world that is experiencing such uncertain times.

We at TLCP would like to give you an opportunity to talk. We wish to create a confidential and supportive environment for you to explore what is happening in your life. We want to help you understand, take greater control and make positive changes.

Email me: info@tlcpartnership.com


We all have struggles at different times in our lives and sometimes it may feel overwhelming and lonely. I believe therapy is the key to helping you unravel what is going on. I offer psychodynamic therapy which looks into how the past may influence your current relationships and behaviour. I will provide a space for you to talk through your feelings without fear of judgement and help you understand yourself better.

Email me: info@tlcpartnership.com


The Covid situation of the past two years may have evoked all sorts of anxieties on top of what you are already experiencing in your current life. At TLCP we understand this extra burden and can help you come to terms with this added pressure. In our counselling sessions, I will offer you a secure space to share what is bothering you. I will help you to discover the source of your problems, be it in your childhood or later on in life. By establishing a relationship between us we can explore your issues and determine the best way forward for you.

Email me: info@tlcpartnership.com

What’s next?

Contact us via email, or use the link below for a general inquiry. Someone will be in touch to arrange a convenient time to talk through any questions you may have, and if you decide to proceed, we will then arrange an initial appointment.